Terms & Conditions

NOTE: Use of the Wub Machine constitutes an agreement to the full terms and conditions below.

In short, you, the user, take full responsibility for whatever you upload to the Wub Machine. I delete your uploads within an hour, and don't hold on to any of your audio.

The Wub Machine ("the service") is an online music remixer created and maintained by Peter Sobot ("I", "me"). (contact@petersobot.com)

The service is provided "as-is" without warranty of any kind. I hereby make no guarantees with regards to the availability or quality of service provided by the service.

I, Peter Sobot, take no liability whatsoever for a user's use of the service. Users hereby agree to hold me harmless from any claims, damages, liabilities, costs and fees arising from their use of the service.

The service provides the ability for visitors ("the user(s)") to upload audio files to the service and have them remixed by the service. The user may also choose to process an audio file found at any given URL, or may choose to remix a song from SoundCloud. The processing and remixing of each audio file is completely automated.

Each audio file uploaded to the service is automatically and completely removed within 24 hours of upload. (This duration has been chosen to allow expedited service for repeated services of the same audio file uploaded by the same user.) A user's remixed song is kept on file for 24 hours for their convenience, and is then removed from the service completely.

I, Peter Sobot, make absolutely no claim to the rights of any audio file created with, or uploaded to, the service. Each user is responsible for the rights associated with their track.

The user is responsible for ensuring that they have the necessary rights to create a derivative work of their uploaded original audio file ("their track") within their jurisdiction and in accordance with local laws. Any artwork associated with a given audio file is also altered, and the user must ensure that they hold the necessary rights to create a derivative work of any artwork embedded in their track.

Tracks imported from SoundCloud by users of the service are restricted to only those that are licensed under a Creative Commons license that allows derivative works to be generated. Subsequent sharing of the remix generated from said track will automatically be licensed with the same license as the original. Any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the validity of the original license of an imported SoundCloud track must be resolved with SoundCloud via their "Report Copyright Infringement" page.

Users have the option, upon completion of a remix, to download their processed remix or to share it to SoundCloud, an audio hosting and sharing website for which the user must possess an account.

In addition, if making use of the service's "Share on SoundCloud" feature, a user must ensure that they possess the necessary rights to distribute a derivative work of their track. Any copyright disputes concerning tracks shared to SoundCloud must be reported through SoundCloud via their "Report Copyright Infringement" page.

The service also displays a recently-shared remix ("featured track") on its front page, taken from SoundCloud. The featured track is not stored on the service, and is chosen at semi-random from the remixes shared via the service to SoundCloud. Any copyright disputes involving this track must also be reported to SoundCloud.

The service keeps logs of user activity, including IP addresses of users, to better facilitate maintenance and provide statistics. The service also retains logs of certain meta-data from uploaded audio files. Specifically, the following data is taken from every uploaded audio file and stored for statistical purposes:

Use of the service constitutes an agreement to the terms and conditions listed above.